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After dealing with cold sores for over a decade myself, I can finally share the secret to eliminating cold sores for good. I disposed all those ineffective store-bought medicines and products.

Dear Discouraged Cold Sore Patient,If you need a truly effective way to eliminate your painful, annoying, and confidence-killing cold sores or HSV-1, then continue reading this letter. There is a remedy that will work better and faster than all those useless drugstore products, without breaking your bank.

The Solution:

First, let’s answer some questions.
Can You Answer Yes to any of These Questions?

Do you fear looking in the mirror when you sense a painful feeling after yawning in the morning?
Are you too shy to face others because you fear they will notice the red, flaky, spot on your mouth and become disgusted?
Do you experience high anxiety when you sense that another outbreak will arrive sometime soon?
Is your cold sore pain so intense that lip movement is difficult and prescription medication always seems to fail?
Do you fear that products you use contain questionable ingredients that have potentially caused more damage than help, and have left you with the same results?
Do you think that irritation and peeling from your herpes lotions or products are causing your cold sores to look even nastier in appearance?
Do people fear getting close to you and avoid kissing or touching you because of your contagiousness?
Are you so ashamed by your condition that you would prefer if your cold sores were located anywhere except the most noticeable area— the face?

Do these images bring to mind the horrendous, irritating consequences of Cold Sores?
These are additional symptoms that cold sore patients commonly suffer from:

·       Hopelessness

·       Swelling

·       Solitude

·       Inflammation

·       Changes in temperament

·       Emission of Discharge

·       Decreased Hunger

·       Scabbing

·       Rawness

·       Pain while drinking and eating

·       Irritation

·       Sleep Discomfort

·       Ache

·       High temperature

·       Sensitivity

·       Throat Aching

·       Prickly feeling

·       Enlarged Lymph Nodes

·       Lack of feeling in area

To make things worse, you have searched high and low for the best cure, with none in sight.

You have purchased every product on the shelves that promised to solve the problem. To your despair, you discovered those heavily advertised elixirs did not correct the ailment. Many of them just caused more dryness and irritation which causes more peeling and more problems! You did not find a cure and only ended up with a more noticeable, painful flaw in your skin! This can draw unwanted attention!
If certain medications only numb the soreness and lessen the ache, they have failed at correcting the most crucial part!

“Find a True Way to Improve Your Appearance!”

You have followed the doctor’s orders by taking prescribed medicines. The shameful truth is that most prescription fixes only provide temporary results. After a while, the cold sores reappear!

After this, you have probably wasted more time and money for additional doctor’s visits, only to be prescribed more ineffective drugs.

To your dismay, Chinese remedies and organic treatments failed to deliver results as well.

Why am I so aware of these facts?

Because it’s been 5 YEARS since I have had a cold sore.
“I Have Struggled with HSV-1 for Over a Decade!”

For exactly 12 years, I have dealt with annoying, painful cold sores.

I had a similar experience to you. The struggle was constant. Many people would experience flare ups just a few times a year. However, I received cold sores very frequently. They would appear week after week. Every time one went away, another one came in. My frustration grew and my self-confidence sunk.
I very badly wanted a permanent fix.

I proved doctors wrong with their costly medicines and popular drugstore potions.

Cold sore medicines that are heavily promoted on television have poor results, if any. Orajel is one of them. I get angry when the commercials come on the television screen. Those companies are selling a lie. I wasted so much time and money on these items.
Years went by with me battling cold sores. I eventually threw in the towel.

Dealing with cold sores is not only a physical battle. As a result of my struggle, I became anxious and depressed. Of course, I had to be treated for these emotional and psychological issues as well. I began taking medicine for depression. I was also ashamed to face the public. I didn’t want anyone staring at me or becoming disgusted. I chose to take online classes so that nobody would see me in person. I stayed to myself completely and refused to be seen.

My family soon realized the situation. They didn’t want me to miss out on the joys of life all because of cold sores. Because of this, they inspired me to turn my life around. They nagged me until I had a better attitude about the problem.

To put an end to their nagging and worry, there was only one solution. I then became focused on eliminating my problem so that I could get on the path to a healthier, happier, carefree life. This led to me putting my pride aside and making a true cure to eliminate my suffering for good.

“I Discovered an Affordable Cold Sores Remedy that’s Natural and Actually Works.”

Unexpectedly, I discovered the best possible permanent cure. This natural solution is very affordable and simple to use.

To my delight, I saw results very soon! 3 days after use, I looked in the mirror and was overjoyed. I was pain free and all my nasty, crusted, cold sores were totally out of sight. They were nowhere to be found. It was a dream come true.  It felt like a weight lifted from me!
This very treatment has kept cold sores away for 5 years straight. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

It changed my life for the better. I no longer suffer emotionally. I am proud to be seen in public. I go to school normally now and have no problems communicating with friends. I proudly leave my house and face the world each day with gladness. I go to work with ease. I also have no problems going out on dates.

Giving speeches and presentations on the job is now a breeze. I smile and laugh when I spend time with friends of family. Every moment is a pleasure.

Good news is that you can have the same results after using Cold Sore Free Forever™!

“Break Away from the Bonding Chains of Herpes and Cold Sores!”
Cold Sore Free Forever™ is a simple program that will bring a natural cure to your cold sores.
You can download this great system and use it anywhere you go. The instructions are so easy that you can perform the treatment at home all on your own! Then, all you have to do is wait for results. And that wait will not be very long at all!

In addition you will learn more about your ailment and know the precise method to eliminate it! You will be perfectly equipped to manage this condition.

…Much like Cold Sore Free Forever™ has helped former cold sore patients.

Cold Sore Gone Free Forever™, is guaranteed to remedy the bothersome cold sores that have constantly decreased your quality of life.

You Will Receive…

A treatment with confirmed results – in less than a week!
The confidence to go on dates again!
No more worrying about your appearance!
Socialize comfortably with friends and family.
A clear and comforting self image.
A proven treatment simple enough to perform privately at home!
Permanent elimination of those irritating cold sores!
Ability to dispose ineffective creams and products that you purchased before.
Treating the problem without the use of antibiotics.
A confirmed safe solution that is natural and won’t make the issue worse.
The peace of mind in knowing you won’t suffer ever again!


You can be amongst the thousands of people who have been naturally cured with the most qualified treatment that exists today. You will have permanent relief from the irritation, pain, and confidence-reducing effects of cold sores by simply purchasing the new Cold Sore Free Forever™ treatment.

Using the same old drugstore bought products will not make the problem disappear. With Cold Sore Free Forever™, you will have all that you need in a simple but effective program that you can use anywhere.
I have firsthand experience with this ailment and I sympathize with you and other sufferers. I have the knowledge to help you overcome this problem. Many people are willing to pay big money to learn these very secrets.
However, there’s no need to worry. I designed this system for myself and other sufferers. After my own experience with the same pain and frustration, I would not charge high prices to help others overcome their struggles.

In fact, I’m gladly providing my secret cold sore remedy for just… $34.97!

“Purchase Cold Sore Free Forever™ Immediately – for MERELY $34.97!”
You read that correctly! You’ll receive the only, proven, most fast-working treatment for under 40 bucks!
You can choose to keep buying those ineffective products on the shelves.

You can even pay the costly regular expenses of doctor’s visits and pay the price of missing days of work. You can keep taking those worthless prescription medicines and spend even more time hiding inside your homes because of cold sores.

Or, there’s a better option! You can make a one-time purchase of Cold Sore Free Forever™ and you’ll never waste time looking for another failing store product again. You will save the excessive time and money normally spent on doctor’s visits and prescription meds as well.

Cure Regularity Price Annual Expense
Drugstore treatments Once a month $20 $185
Doctor’s Appointments Quarterly $25 $85
Prescribed Medications Once a month $15 $125
Missed Work Days Bi-weekly $125 -$400 $2,500 – $7,500
Cold Sore Free Forever™ Just Once $34.97 $34.97

Can’t you see how Cold Sore Free Forever™ is certainly the best possible solution for permanently healing your cold sores?

In addition to these perks, I even provide a guaranteed, instant refund!

“Within First 2 Months of Purchase – Full Refund Provided with No Problem!”
If you do not see successful results with elimination of your cold sores, and the promised outcome is not delivered, just call me in the immediate 60-day period after your purchase. I promise to deliver the entire refund instantly.

No Doubts – No Worries – No Problem

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